SIKA Index Rollbase V 2kg Roll

Rollbase Polyester-V is an APP modified bituminous membrane to be nailed on the substrate and used as a base for torch adhesion of other sheets when you cannot do it directly to the substrate, such as timber or metal. The underside is coated with an exposed nonwoven polyester fabric, which is absorbent and traps the remaining humidity from wooden substrates or old waterproofing membranes. It is reinforced with a fiberglass to ensure the dimensional stability. The top surface finish: polyethylene film. Weight: 2,0 kg/m2


Roof waterproofing accessory for:

  • Flat and sloped roofs as a base for torch adhesion of bituminous membranes and/or as humidity diffusion.


Several methods of application: mechanically fixed, torch applied, hot welded or with cold adhesive and hot melt bitumen

  • Good tear resistance
  • High mechanical properties
  • Good elogantion and cold flexibility


SIKA Index Rollbase PDS