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Because concrete is porous, it can take on liquid when it’s frequently exposed to moisture. Concrete cancer is the name given to the damage caused when the metal inside of the concrete rusts, causing bubbles, cracks and degradation. This not only makes it unsightly but also structurally unstable. Fortunately, Waterproofing Direct has several products and solutions available so that property owners in Sydney can avoid water damaged concrete on their driveways, pathways and other concrete surfaces.

Concrete Repair

Some concrete damage can be repaired, and Waterproofing Direct has several waterproofing concrete products available to do the job. These products include waterproof polymers which are lightweight and reinforced with fibres for strength and anti-corrosion properties.

Render And Screeds

Our render and screed products include fine-grade acrylic renders which are perfect for a smooth finish on internal and external walls. We also have primers available, and mortar and key coat products which can be used as a joining material and for patching small areas of water damage to concrete.

Concrete Toppings

When you want a perfect, glossy finish on your freshly laid concrete, there are concrete topping products available which will smooth the surface and fill in imperfections. These products include feather and fine finishes as well as floor leveller primer sand.


For some applications, applying epoxy to the cement to ensure that it doesn’t get water damaged is the best option. The epoxy adhesives we stock are solvent-free resins, which adhere to all types of surfaces.

Concrete Accessories

Our concrete accessories include wire rod ties, flexible foam expansion joint materials, stubby and veneer ties, and more.

Waterproofing Direct is a preferred Sydney supplier of waterproofed concrete products. We know all there is to know about concrete and have the right products to waterproof and improve any concrete surface you have. Call us today for all your concrete waterproofing needs.