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FOSROC Nitoflor Anit Slip Grains

Silicon carbide grains for slip and wear resistance on concrete floors.

Previously known as Durafloor Anti-Slip Grains.

Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains are used in the finishing of concrete floors to make the surface slip and wear resistant, and at the same time allow a fine smooth surface to be produced. Suitable for use in schools, hospitals, public buildings, factories, on fire escapes, stairways, entrances, loading ramps, machine surrounds. They give a pleasant black speckling and glittering sparkle on the finished surface. Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains are specifically designed for sprinkle on applications to suitably prepared concrete floor surfaces, either monolithically (on a new concrete slab), or with a suitable floor screed.


Fosroc Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains PDS

Fosroc Nitoflor Anti-Slip Grains SDS