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Flamex PU: 600ml

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Flamex PU is a one component, low modulus, gun grade, non-sag, moisture-cure polyurethane sealant with outstanding UV resistance. Flamex PU is designed to cure into a fire rated, elastic weatherproof seal. Flamex PU will accommodate 50% total joint movement while maintaining excellent weatherability.

Non-slump thixotropic paste

Solids content

1.61 kg / litre

Typical hardness Shore A
40 - 45


Application temperature range
5°C - 40°C

Service temperature range
Minus 40°C to 90°C

Skin time
1.5 - 2 hours @ 23°C, 50% RH

Cure speed
3 mm in 24 hours @ 23°C, 50% RH

Movement accommodation factor
+/- 25%

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