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Flamex One: 600ml

Flamex One is a fire rated, non-slump, waterborne, acrylic joint sealant which dries quickly forming a flexible seal having good adhesion to most common building materials. It has very good application and finishing characteristics and forms a smooth skin quickly.

Single part non-sag mastic

Concrete grey, (other colours to minimum order)

Physical/chemical change
Dries by water loss

Application temperature
5°C - 50°C

Skinning time
20 minutes at 25°C, 50% RH

Cure rate
Approximately 1 mm per day at 25°C, 50% RH

Movement accommodation factor (MAF)
+/-10% (20% total)

600ml sausage will seal approximately 2 metres of a 25mm x 12mm joint 

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