Euromix Skim Render 20 KG

Euromix® Skim Render is designed to be used as a finishing coat over base render or other finished surfaces. Euromix® Skim can be applied in thicknesses from 2 to 3mm and be floated to a smooth flat finish or sponged to give an even textured finish.

Features & Benefits Include;

  • Adjustable Consistency when mixed with Euromix Bonding Agent
  • Perfect Smooth Finish
  • Good trowelability on application
  • Durable finish
  • Allows readiness for Euromix Paint or Euromix Texture Coatings.

When mixed with water and an acrylic emulsion bonding agent (Euromix® Bond) Skim Render provides a weather resistant finish that is suitable for decorative rendering and patching over most substrates in interior and exterior wall and ceiling applications. Applied by hand, in one layer ranging from 2mm to 3mm thickness, Euromix® Skim Render can be floated or sponge finished ready for texture coats or paints.


Euromix Skim Render PDS

Euromix Skim Render Guidelines