Duram Pondseal

Pondseal is a polyurethane/acrylic co-polymer, water based coating which when fully cured, forms an impervious, flexible and aesthetically pleasing waterproofing membrane which enhances the look of the pond or water feature. It is non-toxic and formulated to be suitable for use with fish and plants. Being liquid applied, Pondseal conforms to any shape and provides seamless ‘paint-on’ pond liner in a variety of colours. Pondseal meets the ‘Green Star’ environment criteria.


Pondseal is used for the waterproofing of ponds, water features, bird baths and fountains.

Suitable Surfaces

Duram Pondeal is suitable for use on the following sound, stable and properly primed surfaces:- Concrete, cement, cement rendered, brick work and block work, water resistant timber (particle board is excluded) and masonry surfaces.


Duram Pondseal PDS

Duram Pondseal SDS