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ARDEX Catalyst Spray

ARDEX Catalyst Spray with the use of Speedtec technology is a clear solution which when applied to nominated ARDEX Adhesives accelerates the tack time for quicker installation of floor coverings.

Typical Uses:
ARDEX Catalyst Spray is designed to increase initial tack for ARDEX Adhesives with ARDEX Speedtec – Technology. ARDEX Catalyst Spray also acts as an innate film formation for ARDEX WPM 179 – Single Component Rubber Membrane.


  • Internal and external floors and walls

With the spray bottle spray a fine mist evenly across the adhesive to one side only; as soon this is complete install the following floor coverings to the treated adhesive.


  • 500ml spray bottle



Ardex Catalyst Spray PDS

Ardex Catalyst Spray SDS

Ardex Catalyst Spray Spec Sheet