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ARDEX AF 748 15L

ARDEX AF 748 is a high performance wet set acrylic adhesive designed with strength to quickly lock linoleum to the substrate, including the difficult “Roll Set” and manufacturing marks while minimising shrinkage and expansion. Additionally formulated to be a very forgiving adhesive that can be reactivated with heat during installation in small areas to ensure perfect installation.


  • Hardboard underlayment board approved to AS 1859
  • Cementitious underlayment approved to AS 2908
  • Dry concrete where there is less than 5.5% moisture content or 70% RH
  • Contact ARDEX Technical Services for other substrates including terrazzo, ceramic tiles and metal substrates


  • Internal permanent installation


  • Using a 2.4mm V-Notch trowel approximately 3m2/L

Working Time:

  • 25 minutes varying on substrate, temperature and humidity

Set up Time:

  • 10 minutes


  • 15 Litre pail containing 18kg of adhesive



Ardex AF 748 PDS

Ardex AF 748 SDS

Ardex AF 748 Spec Sheet