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Waterproofing Direct is a leading distributor of waterproofing products. Our family-owned business supplies a wide range of products for homes and commercial establishments in Sydney. We have more than twenty years of experience in the building industry, which makes us one of the trusted waterproofing suppliers in Australia.

Why Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a construction method that prevents water and other forms of liquid from entering a building. Engineers and architects commonly practice this technique in their construction projects. Waterproofing is ideal for indoor or outdoor systems, depending on the owner's preference.

Some advantages of waterproofing are the following:


    • Reduces the initial costs of construction
    • Fewer costs on building maintenance and replacement
    • Protects buildings from damages caused by water
    • Prevents furniture breakage
    • Increases property value


    In the construction industry, waterproofing is a fundamental aspect in creating a building envelope or a controlled environment. Typically, walls and floors require waterproofing, since they are susceptible to water damage. Waterproofing products are not as simple as water resistant materials, because their use and application require more method and skill.

    Our Waterproofing Products

    In Australia, waterproofing is vital in every residence and commercial establishment. The method has been a common practice for homeowners and building professionals. Other than protection, waterproofing also reduces the costs of many construction requirements that property owners handle.

    Because of this, Waterproofing Direct offers high quality waterproofing products for buildings of any kind. We are a leading waterproofing supplier in Australia, and we work hard to remain that way. Our company maintains a high level of technical knowledge when it comes to applying waterproofing methods to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

    Waterproofing Direct carries a selection of brands that are trusted in the waterproofing industry. We distribute waterproofing products from Ardex, Parchem, Bostik, Macsim, Duram, Sika, Stormtech and Spirit Dealers, just to name a few. Our category of products includes concrete bonding agents, tile adhesives, sheet membranes, anchoring systems, floor primers, sealants, paint and even materials for decoration.

    Dedicated to Quality Service

    Waterproofing Direct understands the importance of safety and protection in every establishment, which is why we only distribute waterproofing products that are beneficial to our customers. Our company works with a broad range of suppliers and contractors in Australia, which ensures the quality of our services. Other than this, our connection with industry leaders allows us to provide exceptional products at a competitive price.

    If you are looking for waterproofing suppliers in Australia, contact Waterproofing Direct today. You may also browse our online shop for the latest products and discounts. For project and bulk orders, kindly phone our representatives.

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