5 Questions To Ask Your Waterproofing Distributors In Sydney

The decision to build property can be exciting, but it’s no easy feat. A project of this magnitude is a significant commitment that comes with various financial implications. Keeping it in good condition once it’s already built will have a positive effect on the pocket. Leaks, cracks and system blockages can happen at any time, so how do you monitor and manage these issues? Finding waterproofing distributors for your Sydney property is a good place to start.

Waterproofing is one way to put a cap on never-ending maintenance and repair costs that come from leaks and other types of damage. A building without waterproofing measures faces liquid damage from rain, which can translate into mould, damp walls, and flooding. In this blog, give you a few hints on what to ask for and about from your waterproofing supplier.

  1. How Far Back Does Your Experience In The Industry Go?

Most of us wouldn’t trust an amateur with something as important as property, and rightfully so. If your waterproofing distributors have over a decade of experience under their belt, at least you know that they have the relevant knowledge to get the job done using the right products.

  1. Do Your Products Comply With Industry Standards?

Speaking of quality, don’t be shy to ask about certification and compliance issues. The chemicals used to make waterproofing material can be dangerous if not moderated appropriately. Make sure they only use industry standards compliant brands.

  1. Can I Use Your Products In Any Part Of The Building?

The products you’ll need to seal off a kitchen sink won’t be the same as those required for basement waterproofing. Because of this, it’s essential to double-check with shop consultants before you purchase. At Waterproofing Direct, we have knowledgeable staff on the shop floor to answer any questions, give advice or make recommendations.

  1. What About Waterproofing Supplies For Outside?

Outdoor weather conditions differ vastly from those indoors. Ensure that you use the right adhesive or sealant, depending on whether you’re inside or outside.

  1. Do You Offer Any Post-Sale Support?

It’s important to know that you can always go back to your Sydney waterproofing distributors if anything goes wrong.

Our team is dedicated to providing world-class customer service and ongoing client support. Contact us for waterproofing products you can trust.

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